Photo by  Wil Stewart  on  Unsplash

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

Enabling Innovation

Is your company at the forefront of industry innovation?

Innovation is transforming the future of several industries, including yours. We act as a catalyst to bring about innovative transformation to your company.  We work closely with you to ensure you are future- ready by keeping up with global innovation developments and best practices.

EnRupt is our our innovation platform. Enrupt is on mission to create partnerships between energy startups and corporations where new ideas thrive and get executed. 

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What we do

Co-creation with Startups

Startups are disrupting industries with their tech and innovation. Governments across the world are fostering start-up ecosystems to accelerate growth and development. We ensure you are ahead on the global innovation trends. We enable you to work closely with your local startup ecosystem to nurture innovation and evolution of your company to match the future energy landscape.

Female Founders & Innovation

Women create and run companies with higher profitability and exits than those created by male founders. We bring the female perspective to innovation and provide a platform for accessing under-utilized female talent. We tap on this efficiency to better tailor our innovation approach.

Creating your innovation journey

We offer a new channel for executing innovative programmes within a given ecosystem by building partnerships and connecting with key players globally. We design and execute internal and external strategies to accelerate innovation across energy sector. We also empower your company to on-board partners and engage with relevant communities like startups, venture capitalists, accelerators and government agencies. From visualisation to execution, we provide your company end to end support in its innovation journey.