We are launching EnRupt: Our energy innovation platform

Enrupt Singapore Image small.jpg

The future of energy will be closer to the customer, using cleaner, renewable sources and leveraging digital technologies. Energy expertise will be accessible to a wider range of companies challenging the current incumbents. The lines between utilities, oil and gas and renewable energy sectors will become blurred. We will see the emergence of «energy companies » combining all available energy sources, types of systems and technologies. Energy sector transformation is already happening and changing the way we produce, transport and consume energy. Innovative startups are offering solutions that will take energy sector on a new path with renewables, energy efficiency, micro-grids and digitalisation.

The August Company is supporting this transformation by building partnerships between young, innovative startups and corporations. I bring insights from different regions and energy sectors and create programmes of activities where new ideas thrive and get executed.

Join Enrupt and change the way you think about energy business.

Katarina Hasbani