Our Services

We support your clean energy plans from the drawing board to the execution, whether you are venturing into new geographies, new technology or entering clean energy segment as a new business line. We take care of the market intelligence, government and regulatory aspects, help you to identify your go-to-market strategy and provide project management support for the execution. 

Research & Market Intelligence

Are you considering a new market opportunity or simply need to get a new insight for your specific segment? We are here to conduct any research and market intelligence you require in the clean energy space. We address a specific technology, new geography or an emerging trend you want to get your grip on. We combine inputs from a network of researchers, industry professionals and government officials. We are also happy to run dedicated survey for you to gather targeted insights.

Government & Regulatory Affairs

Clean energy is one of the most regulated sectors out there. Government policies and regulations can be a driver or a barrier to your market entry. We help you understand what is at stake and analyse government thinking or plans. We provide you with advice on how to operate within the current regulatory environment and identify ways to engage with your key stakeholders.

Go-to-market strategy

By now you know the market and its regulations, you want to know how to get in and exploit that clean energy opportunity. We work with you to create a go-to-market strategy that allows you to leverage your strengths and anticipate industry developments.

Project management support

Strategy is worthless without execution. We are good at making things happens. That’s why we offer to accompany you to the execution phase. We make your clean energy plan a reality by providing your with project management capabilities. We are also happy to support your ad-hoc project management needs when your team gets too stretched and you need a short term support.


We cover opportunities in several segments of clean energy space


Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the least costly and the most underutilized energy source, which can unleash savings, improve efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. Utilities, industrial, commercial users or residential users can benefit.

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Renewable energy

Renewable energy has outweighed already in 2015 conventional power generation capacity additions globally. Renewable energy will continue to grow in developed and developing countries alike, albeit at a difference pace.



Decentralised renewable energy solutions can bring energy access less costly and more rapidly to 1.2 Billion people still living without energy access than conventional power grid extension. We can change lives of remote communities and make sure your work has a practical impact.


Energy innovation

Combination of tech innovations, increasing share of renewable energy and improved energy efficiency will drive transformation of energy industry. Electric vehicles, energy storage and smart devices will help us to build the cities of tomorrow. It will be a combination of new technologies, innovative business models and regulations that will transform our energy future.


Let’s work together to bring your clean energy plan live!